Sigma Make up Brushes: Review


How amazing are Sigma brushes?! I was never really into brushes to be honest. I preferred using my fingers as I felt I had better control of it and could apply the make up easier, especially eyeshadow. I still use my fingers but I know it’s unsanitary and finding a good brush really changed my mind.


I’ve heard about Sigma beauty brushes and girls had nothing but great things to say about them. I’ve always wanted to try them and recently I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by an online store who cary a wide variety of beauty products from different brands. They sent me two Sigma brushes of my choice and now I want more lol!

I’ve picked Sigma brush E40 and E 20 and they’re amazing.


E40 is a brush for Tapered Blending


It’s very fluffy and soft and also relatively large.
It’s used for blending the eyeshadow into the crease  but as well as if you are working with different colour eyeshadows, to blend them together perfectly.


Here is my take on it:
– you can pick up the product with only the tip and apply to your crease and blend seamlessly
– it blends everything evenly with perfection
– it’s amazing for a smokey eye
– you can also use it to apply concealer underneath your eye

E20 is a Short Shader brush


It’s really short and slightly dense but not scratchy at all
It’s a brush for details and precision work. It’s so easy to work with and you can do some really nice defining with it.


Here is my take on it:
– great for applying shadow to a specific spot
– great for applying shadow on the bottom line and smudging
– great for highlighting the brow line

Anyhow, I am very pleased and happy with the brushes. A good brush really makes a difference.
I know that Sigma brushes are quite pricey but if you guys are interested check out this site

I got my brushes delivered literally in 2 days and best thing shipping in Canada is free!

What are some of the brushes you guys like?

6 thoughts on “Sigma Make up Brushes: Review

    1. Yes girl. They’re really good. I am not big on brushes but when you find good ones they make the job that much easier and better. I really like these two they sent me. I wouldn’t mind picking up a few more!


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