Red Lip: daytime vs nighttime look


I love a good red lip but I think that a bold red lipstick may be too much for  daytime (depending on where you are ) and it’s more of a nighttime look but a nice red lip gloss would be suitable and still achieve the classy red lip look.

For the day time look, I kept my eyes quite simple and subtle.


I’ve applied an off-white matte shadow all over my eyelid and  a bronze/gold shimmery shadow on the outer corners and into my crease. These shades are from the Forever 21 palette (see below)
For the daytime red lip, I’ve used Forever 21 Velvet collection red lip gloss.
I absolutely love this gloss. I thought it would’ve been clear with a tint of red but not at all. It’s quite pigmented and I love the wet look of it!

It’s great for during the day and especially during the summer.


For the night time look, I felt I needed something more and to make my make up and my features pop a little more.

2014-07-02 00.05.01_1-hires

So I did not have time to remove my make up so I simply applied a shimmery off-white shadow over the matte one I had already had on.

And on the outer corner and the crease I used a shimmery brown strip from the Physician’s formula palette.


On my lips I am wearing a matte red lipstick from Forever 21, which is just amazing! The shade is a perfect classy red. It’s matte but yet creamy. It stays on forever and it feels incredible on your lips. This is one of the best red lipsticks I’ve ever tried and it was only 4 dollars!

2014-07-02 00.02.42_1-hires-1Here are all the products I’ve used and mentioned above. I did not go into details about eyeliner, mascara , blush and bronzers, as I’ve used what I normally use and this post was more about the daytime/nighttime red lips.


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