Loving these sandal flats!


In the recent years, I went from heels all day every day, never catch me dead in flats to now having back and feet issues and having to wear flats. Luckily, flat shoes have become in style and there are so many designs to choose from. Here are some I really like or already own.

I did a post some time ago on closed toe flats. Since we are in the summer season, here is the open toe version.

1. ALDO (beige and gold) $60

I used to be really against spending more than $40 on flats because I feel like they’re only half a shoe why is it so much?! But since the cheap ones have no support or cushion, it’s better to spend a little more and get better quality. Aren’t these cute? I am a sucker for anything gold!













2. ALDO Gladiator Flats $90
I got these recently. I always wanted a pair of gladiator sandals. I think they’re super cute, fashionable and you can dress it up or down.












3. Brown Shoes (B2) Black/Silver Flats $ 79

Of course I’d like these all jeweled out…












4. Browns Shoes (B2) $99

I really like these. I picked them up not too long ago. They are very comfy actually. I guess they do have a bit of a platform but still can pass of as “flats”












5. Michael Kors Jelly $99

I got these in black, hot pink and gold. They’re cute and comfy. I wear these all the time.










6. Forever 21. Flats with fringes $23
I also got these last summer. I love fringes.

















What do you guys think? Do you like any of these?

Nina xo

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