Weekend Nails


I picked up this Geo Nail Decorations from Forever 21 which are so cool and I haven’t seen anything like it actually. It comes in a compact of 9 different gold and silver designs.  I thought it would be hard to keep them on with housework and even just while doing my hair but I’ve had them for 3 days now and they’re holding great.


On the instructions it says to paint your nails with a base polish, place these on your nail and paint over with a top coat. I really don’t see how that would work as these are raised and there is no way to paint over it and it would stay, so I just used some nail glue and then did a top coat and it worked out great.

2014-06-15 14.06.17

I am wearing China Glaze Tart-y- for the party.

20140614_170115-1I am in love with these designs. You can find them and others in forever 21 for $5.80 CAD.


Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

Nina xo


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