World Cup 2014 starts today!!! Croatia vs Brazil


So yes, this is a beauty blog for the most part but soccer is a huge part of my life. It is a big deal back home (former Yugoslavia) and we all grow up with soccer as part of our culture.  This time around both of my countries have qualified. Yup both, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Today, World cup begins and Brazil opens it up as hosts playing Croatia. Sure, Brazil is most likely to win it but I know my boys will put up a great fight. I am so damn excited.

Our fans are hooligans and idiots lol they start riots and act like animals… and I don’t condone everything they do but we are passionate… this is more than just a sport to us.

This is Bosnia’s first World Cup and even if they don’t make it far, they gave something to our people to be proud of after such hard times we’ve been through with the war. As for Croatia, they’ve qualified pretty much every single world cup and we have proved ourselves .





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