My 3 FAVOURITE lipsticks at the moment


These are my  most recent lipstick purchases and this is all I’ve been wearing past few weeks. All three colours are very different to fit any mood or outfit. Dark purple (Berry Haute by Relvon, pretty pink (Darling by CoverGirl) and a gorgeous nude (Japanese Maple by MAC).


1. Berry Haute by REVLON


I have been on a search for a purple lipstick forever now. The problem I find is that it looks purple in the tube but once I apply it, it turns fuschia or pink. This lipstick by Revlon is gorgeous and the closest I’ve gotten to the purple shade I’ve been looking for. It’s a very intense colour but in a subtle kind of way, if that makes sense. I’ve wanted a dark purple which is what this is, but it’s not overbearing.


It’s creamy and applies evenly. It’s very pigmented and stays on for quite some time. It has no scent or taste.

One bad thing about it is that when you first apply it, it has a nice creamy shine to it and the colour is vibrant. After about an hour, the colour almost dulls and fades and the creamy look to it as well.


2. Darling by CoverGirl


This is a very pretty rosey/peachy pink. It’s a bit too pink to be considered a nude but I guess I would call it a muted pink shade. It’s great for every day wear. If you want to wear a subtle lipstick but nudes make you washed out, this is a perfect shade. It goes on smoothly, it’s pigmented and long lasting.


One bad thing is that it is relatively drying and feels tad uncomfortable on your lips after some time. It also has a slight scent, which doesn’t bother me but it may some. It’s not a bad scent, almost plasticky.

3. Japanese Maple by MAC


I am in love with this nude lipstick. I am always on a search for nudes. I own ton of nude lipsticks but you can never have enough, right? I’ve tried all the popular nudes by MAC and I’d say I really like Myth out of all but Japanese Maple takes the cake. It’s just the perfect shade of nude . I feel this can suit everyone without making you look washed out.

It’s very creamy, not drying at all, whatsoever. It feels great on your lips and lasts for a while too, which is one problem I have with Myth. It disappears in no time.

This is their creamsheen + pearl finish.


This is all I’ve been rockin lately but that may all change tomorrow when Sharon and Kelly Osbourne MAC Collection comes out … lol

Kisses to all my lovlies!



9 thoughts on “My 3 FAVOURITE lipsticks at the moment

  1. I would love to see a tutorial with the Revlon one. I have a Sleek lipstick in a similar colour and I can’t decide how to wear it!

    1. I can definitely make that happen! Thank you for requesting it. I have been wearing it quite a few different ways, plain eye look and also playing up with some eye shadows too. I will do a tutorial soon!

      1. That would be great I follow so many blogs could you maybe let me know when you have or something? (I am clearly very excited) I have to wear this lipstick!! xox


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