Beauty Secrets from around the World


All women from different ethnic backgrounds have some beauty secrets and tips that they bring from their native countries. I came across this cool article that talks about different countries and what women do their to maintain their skin, hair and body. I’ve chosen a few that I particularly liked and would like to try so I wanted to share them with you.

1. CHILE: Luminous Skin


Apparently red grapes are amazing for your skin. Mash a few red grapes with 2 tbsp of white flower and apply as a face mask.
Leave on for 10 mins and rinse off.
Result: Amazing glowing skin.

2. EGYPT: Soft Skin


Add 2 cups of powdered milk to your bath. It will remove dead skin cells and leave you with smooth and silky skin.

3. FRANCE: Bright and firm skin


Mash up cherries and pomegranate seeds. Apply as a face mask and leave on for 6 mins.
Result: Brighter and firmer skin.

4. ITALY: Shiny/Glossy Hair


Mix yogurt and olive oil. Use it as conditioner.
Result: Shiny healthy locks.

5. JAPAN: Long and silky hair


Seaweed is the trick here. You can either eat Nori Seaweed or boil it and use it as paste. Apply to dry hair and rinse off after 10 mins.
You can get nori seaweed from local asian supermarket or health stores.


If you would like to read more check out the article here:

Beauty Secrets from Around the world



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