My mini earrings haul


I work downtown Toronto so when it’s beautiful weather outside I go for walks and visit all my many favourite shops lol so normally every lunch time I spend money foolishly on random stuff, mainly clothes and make up. Yesterday I got a bunch of earrings and I love them all so wanted to share with you guys!

Earrings is my thing. I prefer big chunky blingy and fancy jewelry period but especially when it comes to earrings. The bigger the better. My obsession especially are hoops. I have a huge collection of hoops. Maybe I’ll do a post on that later.. hmm…
Only in the recent years have I started to wear little studs ( of course they have to be shiny, with some jewels on them) otherwise I would feel like I don’t even have earrings on.

So this is what I picked up.

1. Big gold earrings from ALDO. $8.00
I love these because they’re a hoop inside a hoop. I took pictures from different angles so you can see. Pretty neat.



2. Medium size gold hoops from ALDO $8.00
These are pretty simple, just average size hoops but they’re a bit thicker and solid, which is why I liked them.

3. Heart shaped/jeweled earrings from ALDO $5.00

4. White/Gold Lion head earrings from Urban Behaviour $5.00
I love these. They had them in different colours but I really liked this white/gold combo. I also love the fact that the stud part that goes in your ear is small lion heads too. This is meant to be an imitation of Versace medusa head.


5. Round lion head earrings from Urban Behaviour $5.00
This is the same idea as above, but these are the stud style. I figured I got white and gold, I’ll do black and silver in the smaller style.


I love them all. A girl can never have enough earrings, right?



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