NEW MAC Collection: Sharon and Kelly Osbourne for MAC


Ok, I have never been this excited about any make up product before. I don’t care nor do I follow MAC’s collections. The last one I liked and really wanted was Nicki Minaj VIVA GLAM, but this one by Sharon and Kelly Osbourne is EVERYTHING. It’s just simply gorgeous and I want it all. Take a look at this gorgeous collection!

Before I actually get into it, MAC also has a new collection called Alluring Aquatic. I am sure you’ve heard and seen it by now as a lot of ladies are talking about it. Upon seeing the pictures I really liked it. It was summery and bronzy and the packaging is so appealing with water droplets on it so I went to check it out. Well, I was disappointed as it is just too shimmery and frosty for my liking. Just over the top. So no thanks.



I may be a little behind on the Kelly and Sharon collection as I am sure there have been buzz about it for a while now but it’s set to be released today (June 2) online and June 12 in the stores.

I don’t particularly care or like Kelly or Sharon but Sharon is a beautiful woman and Kelly has also come a long way. Their make up in the recent years is flawless and on point. That cannot be denied.


Sharon’s collection is very neutral and earthy and warm. It’s very lady like, classy and mature but still fresh. The nudes and golds are great for daytime and the reds are perfect for a nighttime look.


Kelly’s on the other hand is all about pastels! It’s fun, vibrant, summery and bursting with colour. I am especially excited about Kelly Yum Yum. I love Candy Yum Yum so to see it again with a spin on it, I am all over that.


Here is a closer look at some items from Kelly’s line.

dodgy girl

kelly yum yum

strip poker

bloody brilliant

skin finish duo

And here are a few items I am really loving from Sharon’s line.



minneralize skin finish

It’s already mostly sold out online. I hope to get my hands on on a few of these products on the 12th.

What do you guys think?!?!?!

Hope everyone’s had an amazing weekend xoxo


4 thoughts on “NEW MAC Collection: Sharon and Kelly Osbourne for MAC

  1. I don’t really like the collections, I like them more when they are based on people! This was is pretty nice, I love the packaging.

    1. Yeah I don’t care about collections either but when I saw this one I was like Omg I need it all! It’s just gorgeous. And,yes the packaging is so cute. I like Kelly’s more but probably cuz of my obsession with bright colours lol


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