ImageYes, this is a cover for the beach but you know what, I think it’s totally wearable out. It’s like a blouse/cardigan. More importantly, the colours are gorgeous and so summery and you can match it with practically anything!


I paired it up with a plain barbie pink tank top, black tights and my current favourite flats . I swear I am wearing them every day with everything!
Because the blouse cardigan has pink and blue in it, I could get away wearing both of these colours and it works.


I picked this up from Winners. They had many in different colours and patterns and I may go get a few more.
You can wear any plain outfit but throw this over and all of a sudden, it all looks more fancy.



6 thoughts on “OOTD

    1. I wish I had a proper beach here. I am hoping to go away in Sept to Dominican. But I’m also planning to visit back home, Croatia, miss the beach there. This is definitely coming with me lol


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