OOTD – Dressed down


I’ve been wearing a lot of blue lately, this electric kind of blue. I think gold goes really well with this blue because they make each other pop! I am kind of plain today, jeans and a tee and some flats but the colours make this simple outfit still nice πŸ™‚



T-shirt : Juicy Couture. Only thing that sucks is the fact that the glitter rubs off so much. I mean it’s everywhere… all over my arms, face, wherever I sit…

Jeans : Apple Bottoms. They have really cute gold apple pockets on the back but I felt kind of silly taking a picture of my behind so you get a bit of a side glimpse πŸ™‚


Flats are electric blue, matching perfectly with the shirt. These flats I picked up at a small shop downtown Toronto for $10.


All accessories are gold: Guess watch, gold hoops and a gold necklace.

Sometimes simple is the way to go…. πŸ™‚

Nina xo



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