LOTD – Cherry Red


It’s Friday! Woo Hoo! This week has been just plain weird. I have been totally out of it. Tired and miserable, hating work and wanting to just sleep. But I can’t let my physical appearance reflect my mood so I decided to wear this silky cherry red top and slap some cherry red lipstick on and cheer myself up!


I am wearing dark blue skinny jeans from Forever 21. I love Forever 21 jeans. They fit extremely well and are so cheap! I picked up 5 pairs in all different colours, grey, black and variations of blue.

The tank top blouse is from Talbots. Another steal from my mom hehe. I love this shade of red. It’s a deep cherry red yet still so vibrant.

On my feet I have beige flats with gold plated spikes on the toes from Winners.  I just picked them up recently and I am loving them.


This is my favourite red lipstick. It’s deep, rich, extremely pigmented and long lasting. Yes it is a bit drying but nothing that you can’t bare. Sometimes I dab a bit of chapstick underneath but I don’t mind wearing it by itself. It has no smell or taste, which I personally don’t mind ( if it’s a pleasant smell of course) but I know some prefer no scent at all.   This shade of red is just gorgeous. It has a pinkish undertone. I prefer my reds like that as I cannot wear a red that has any orange tint to it. It looks terrible on me.


Image Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! xo

5 thoughts on “LOTD – Cherry Red

  1. The detailing on your top is super cute! I hope your are better now that you had a good weekend of relaxation (I hope). I’m sending you romanian hugs to make you feel better! 😀


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