NOTD: Siren by Revlon


I know I’ve said before I  am not a fan of the colour orange at all but I actually like this nail polish! Maybe because it has a little neon touch to it and it’s bright and summery… I dunno but I really like it. It’s a perfect summer shade.



It’s called Siren by Revlon # 460, if you’re interested .

I also got nail strips by Essence. They’re real simple but I thought they would be great to add that little extra somethin! Did I mention how much I love Essence cosmetics? LOOOVE them. These were only about $1.99 CAD.




2 thoughts on “NOTD: Siren by Revlon

  1. I think it’s because it’s not a straight up orange but a coraly/peachy one, atleast seems so from the photos. I got the same stickers not too long ago but I need more practice to get something nice out of them 😀

    1. Aren’t they great? They had some other nail stickers and designs too but I wanted to see how well they stay before I go and buy the rest. But they’re actually holding really well so I want to go pick up the rest.

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