I have been sick for the past few days with this cold that’s going around and haven’t been to work but today I had to make it to the office and was in no mood to dress up but I pulled myself (somewhat) together and this is my quick 5 min office look.

As most of my outfit was plain, a black top from Winners and a bronze/brown skirt, I wore some leopard print /orange stilettos to spice it up at least a bit.


These shoes are from a store called ICON here in Toronto, Yorkdale mall. You can always find a pair of funky shoes in this store. It’s not a popular store I’d say and they don’t seem to have many locations. I know they had one at Fairview mall (for those familiar or living in Toronto) but they closed it down. They have really cute shoes, heels and flats.


I love that my MK bag matches my skirt perfectly. That is my OCD speaking 🙂


I didn’t go too hard on the accessories today. My rose gold Fossil watch and a leopard print bangle and some big square stud earrings.


And there you have it. The fastest put together office outfit ever. Now if I can just get over this cold that fast!



2 thoughts on “OOTD

  1. I’m digging those shoes they really pull the outfit together. You look great hun and not sick at all! Hope you’ll feel better for the weekend! 🙂 Xx


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