I kept my make up plain and simple today, with some sparkly brown shadow and clear (pink tinted) lip gloss. I always complain about lack of Milani cosmetics in Toronto but I found a lip gloss in Walmart the other day, and I am in love with it!


The brown shadow is from the Physicians Forumal Shimmer Strips (more on this palette here
I used the second one (next to the black)

I dabbed a bit of the pearly white (very last shimmer strip) on my eyebrow crease.


On my lips I am wearing Brillian Shine Lip Gloss in Pink Lady by Milani. I love so many of Milani products I’ve seen on various blogs and youtube channels but they’re impossible to find in Toronto. You come across a few products here and there in Wal Mart and that’s how I found this lip gloss. It’s super shiny and long lasting and perfect texture. Love it!


Yes it does look a lot more pigmented in the tube than it does on the lips but it doesn’t matter because it has a very nice pink tone to it.



2 thoughts on “FOTD

  1. I was going to get this palette, but didn’t because I already had the UD neutral palettes. It looks great though and I like the look. Btw you scored on that Milani lip gloss, I didn’t even know that brand could be found in Walmart.

    1. Yes I came across a few things there. It’s weird though, they have a milani section but it’s all empty lol and you have 3 lipsticks, 2 lipglosses and some bronzers lol


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