Friday Outfit


I desperately want to like Nine West shoes because they’re pretty and classy and other people claim they’re good quality and comfortable. I have bought 4 pairs of shoes from Nine West in the past, flats, 2 pairs of sandals and the black stilettos I am wearing in today’s post and I absolutely hate them all! The most uncomfortable shoes ever.


I love these shoes. They’re gorgeous. Simple but chic, sexy yet classy. You can wear them out or to work. However, they are so rough on your feet and so stiff. I found that to be the case with all of the other Nine West shoes as well. I got a pair of beautiful flats in Miami a few years back and 2 secs later I was limping with my feet bleeding from blisters.

You think spending a pretty penny would guarantee you comfort but nah… my $10 shoes from Urban Behaviour are more comfortable than this $100 crap.


In my younger days, I was able to suck it up… ahahaha I just made myself sound like I am 60 years old. But I mean in my 20’s I was able to suck it up and take the pain. Not anymore. These were my latest purchase and I am taking them back.


Anyway, they did contribute to my simple but cute outfit today šŸ™‚


Tell me what has your experience been like with Nine West shoes? Do you own any? How do you like them?

Nina xo

9 thoughts on “Friday Outfit

  1. Loving the shoes!!! I love nine west shoes!!! I have zero complaints – always comfortable – sometimes the pointy pumps not so much because i have a bit of a wider foot but otherwise i love nine west. Bought 3 pairs from them just a few months ago. 1 pair of boots and 2 sandals! Wore a pair to my cousin’s wedding and i lasted over 12 hours in them…by the end i was glad to take them off though lol

    1. Not for me ever.
      Did I give you those fuschia flats? I can’t remember if I gave them to you or Marall.
      The worst shoes ever!
      Every pair I got was just terrible. It messed up my feet. I am bleeding right now. I had to go to winners on lunch break and buy flats as I had no spare shoes at work.

      1. i have the fuschia shoes – sorry to hear about yoru feet but i remember you not liking Nine West. Did you return them?

  2. I hate when that happens! I have amazing looking shoes I wore once and they practically crippled my feet! I can bear quite a lot, but some are so badly made that are impossible! You look fantastic though! šŸ™‚ x

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