Throwback Thursday – Hair edition

ImageThis is not a far back throwback by any means… about a year ago. Although I’ve had my hair bright red for almost 10 years on and off I did experiment with other colours as well but always went back to my red 🙂

ImageI always wanted to do purple and initially I loved it but it was the worst thing I could ever do to my hair.

Red is very hard to maintain unless you find an amazing brand (which I have) that doesn’t fade fast and when it does fade it’s not rusty or orange.. but just light red/pink.


On the other hand, purple is just impossible. It literally fades in no time and it fades silver. Also, it killed my hair, it fried my curls but this picture is when it was just freshly done and the only time I loved it.

Maybe next time I post a throwback it’ll be something wayyyy back lol


Nina XO



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Hair edition

    1. Thanks girl. Yes it was so bad. I thought my hair would never ever recover. It’s still not back to its good state but my curls have returned so I am doing treatments every week. Ahh things we women do….


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