5 Common Beauty Treatments that could turn deadly


I came across an article that I had to share with all of you guys. It’s definitely worth 2 mins of your time to read this as you may be surprised how some of the most common beauty treatments such as a simple pedi can turn deadly. We all love getting pampered and we don’t think about how something that feels so good can turn out to be so bad… at the cost of your life.


Some of these are very common and some not so much.


1. Manicure/Pedicure
Nail salons are one of the most dangerous places and at a high risk of picking up fungal and bacterial infections.
I’ve seen a show on TV before about a lady that died and another one who lost her leg due to the flesh eating bacteria that she got after getting a pedicure.
It takes something simple as being cut with a shaver, stone scrubber, etc. MRSA is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that you can pick up and unfortunately cost some women their life.

Evaluate the nail salon, do what you need to do to ensure that the place is clean and sanitary.


2. Brazilian Blowout
In case you are not familiar with this, simply put, Brazilian Blowout is a type of hair straightening that uses a chemical called formaldehyde to make your hair incredibly straight and perfectly smooth. This has become very popular but the chemical formaldehyde can cause short term effects such as chest pains, nose bleeds, dizziness and vomitting which is why most stylist will use a mask while doing it but also long term effects such as cancer.
It really is NOT worth it no matter how smooth and beautiful your hair is.
You can read more about brazilian blowout here http://www.doctoroz.com/blog/jodi-sawyer-rn/truth-about-brazilian-blowout


3. Botox
Botox is generally safe but it does come with a black box label which is FDA’s most highest warning. Botox can spread to other parts of your body once injected causing a condition called botulism, which is trouble swallowing, breathing, speaking, double vision, etc.


4. Tanning
I personally have never in my life been to a tanning salon. Never been inside a tanning bed. I do use self tanners and I LOVE to tan in the sun. Yes that exposes you to risk of skin cancer but check this out… if you have started tanning before the age of 30, in a tanning salon that is, it increases your chance of getting skin cancer by 75%! That is insane. I am so glad I have never been to one.


5. Laser Hair Treatment
This is another popular treatment. I personally think hair is disgusting. The only place you should have hair is your eyebrows and your head. But I will keep on waxing and shaving and will not get laser treatment. That never even crossed my mind. I am not naturally very hairy and I know that hair can make a woman feel very insecure if she happens to have more body hair but laser treatment also exposes you to various bacterial infections, skin scarring and damage but the numbing cream that they apply to lessen the pain actually can make you have terrible side effects that can kill you.

There have been cases where a person had a seizure, fell into a coma and died as a result of it.

Be careful ladies. Always ask ton of question. Make sure that wherever you go for whichever treatment you make sure the person is qualified. It’s better to pay a few extra bucks but keep your health and your life, then to save a penny at some bootleg place and ….. I don’t even want to finish that sentence.. it is scary to think about.

Check out this article. I ‘ve heard about these before on various tv shows but this article also explains:



6 thoughts on “5 Common Beauty Treatments that could turn deadly

  1. I do agree with you for all, especially the mani and pedi. It so hard to relax when all I can think about is their stuff really clean.

    1. I know what you mean. When I do go to get a pedicure I hover over them to make sure they use all brand new stuff… but what bothers me the most is not knowing how much the little foot spa is clean and disinfected.

  2. Well it’s a good thing I don’t like beauty treatments and I’ve only tanned a couple of times in my life (before moving to Italy to not to scare off bronzed italians šŸ˜€ and it was my mom who made me do it :D)

  3. Man, I have definitely heard of the manicure pedicure stuff, and knew that tanning beds were bad for you. Actually, none of this really shocks me, I think what surprises me is that things like brazilian blowouts are still allowed to happen! I wonder why our government doesn’t have harsher standards for things like this? I feel like the beauty industry isn’t regulated like perhaps it should be.

    1. It’s just a heavy money making business. These days everyone is so into physical appearance more than ever before I believe and they are willing to do anything at any cost, money wise or their health to achieve the “perfect” look.


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