FOTD – Divine by Cover Girl



Some time ago I was on a hunt for a true purple lipstick. Pigmented, dark yet vivid colour lol yes dark but vivid . At first glance, Divine by Cover Girl was it! The most gorgeous purple but there was no tester and once I put it on my lips, I was quite disappointed as it came out bright fuschia! I like the colour itself but I was disappointed because it is nothing like the actual lipstick or anywhere close to purple. Is it my lips pigmentation? Have you guys ever tried this lipstick?


The bottom part where the colour is sampled looks purple but the actual lipstick does not look like that. It’s leaning more towards pink.


The lipstick is a matte texture and very drying. I’ve read some very positive reviews about it, saying that it’s creamy and moisturizing but honestly it is neither. It is incredibly dry and feels like sand on your lips after about 5 minutes. It also has a very plastic and fake scent and taste.

However, it is very pigmented and it has incredible longevity. Even after you have taken it off, scrubbed your lips, they will still be tinted! This can’t be healthy lol


Anyway with a bit of gloss, which is how I am wearing it today, it works. I would not purchase it again and this reminds me why I don’t like Cover Girl.

Nina xo

12 thoughts on “FOTD – Divine by Cover Girl

    1. Girl you are so sweet. Thank you so much. You’re making me blush over here.
      I wish my man complimented me as much ahahaha!

      THANK YOU you gorgeous woman you!


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