Let’s talk ladies: Cinderella surgery: What is it?


Gross, that’s what it is. In my humble opinion lol. Putting it simply: it’s a cosmetic procedure meant to give you “perfect” feet to fit into designer shoes. So it’s like liposuction for feet… What the hell?


I personally would not get any kind of procedure done. We all have imperfections but perfection is freakin boring. Your little knicks and knacks is what makes you…YOU! I’ve heard all these excuses like getting my breasts enlarged gave me a whole new boost of confidence and self-esteem. Excuse you? No, working on yourself and embracing all of you NATURAL YOU  is what gives you real confidence and self esteem boost. You loving some fake part of your body is fake confidence…. again in my opinion.


Ass shots and butt implants are a whole different topic that I won’t get into here, but makes a good topic for another conversational post… but nose jobs, boob jobs, belly tuck and all that, fine… but getting rid of your toes and shaving down your heels… to fit into a pair of shoes.. are you serious right now???

So what are some of these procedures that are a part of this surgery?

Two most popular ones seem to be adjusting the length of your toes and inserting fat into soles of your feet to make walking in heels more comfortable. In some cases, getting rid of a pinky toe.. which this procedure apparently is denied by a lot of cosmetic surgeons.

Also, botox in your calves to slim them down so fitting into certain boots is possible.


I mean, are these shoes beautiful? Yes they are.. But they are not worth all this. However it seems this procedure is on the rise in North America. Are women really becoming that desperate? and vain?

Here is an article I read about it https://ca.shine.yahoo.com/blogs/fashion/women-surgery-designer-heels-fit-better-152100906.html

Anyway, what do you guys think about this? What is your point of view on this procedure and other cosmetic jobs?

Nina xo


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk ladies: Cinderella surgery: What is it?

  1. That pair of spike Louboutins are freaking gorgeous, and no I wouldn’t change my feet for them. Feet are like the rest of you, dress them for your foot shape. If your a pregnant Kim K and your feet are going to swell don’t squeeze them into a sandal (Google that if you haven’t seen it)!!

    If you have some toes with personality, you either don’t care or wear close toe shoes! Besides, if you can afford a $1200 pair of shoes, do you really give a shit what people think of your feet? NOPE!

    I’ve got giant feet 10 in sneakers, 9 in peep toe 9.5 in closed toes!

    1. Hahaha yes I saw that picture Omg shes just a joke period. Lol
      And my foot ain’t petite either. I am anywhere from an 8 to a 9 depending on.a style of the shoe.

  2. I don’t get why stupid designers can’t design stupid shoes to fit my actual feet, now I gotta get surgery for shoes that were primarily made by humans to make walking more comfortable.

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