My Bare (make up free) face


Well almost no make up…. but bare enough to see the dark cirlces lol  The only thing I have is a bit of mascara and some clear lipgloss. No foundation, no blush, but most of all, NO EYELINER. That is my must! I never leave my house without eyeliner… oh yes and I did fill in my brows very lightly.

Anyhow, I don’t wear ton of make up anyway so I may be going a bit overboard here but still, I think I look pale and sick and like I died last year without outlining my eyes. If I don’t have anything else on my face, I always have some eyeliner.



One thing I am proud of is how far my skin has come and I am so thankful! Now I don’t have to hide from my rosacea bumps. 🙂

Nina xo

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