DIY: Turning a long sleeved blouse into a sleevless one!


I am on a roll today with posting, I know! But I had to share this with you guys. I got this blouse on a sale and did not bother trying it on and when I got home I realized that there was a defect with it as one sleeve was completely shorter and tighter than the other. Go figure! I could not even get my arm through it!

Due to being a sale item, I could not return or exchange it and I was so frustrated because what a waste of money right, plus I really liked the shirt. Yes, skulls again lol…


So I decided to cut off the sleeves and make it into a summer blouse. I am really not the one for sawing or stitching so I was quite surprised when I actually did a great job hehe!



1. I cut off the sleeves, not at the very seam (where the shoulders are) but leaving a bit of fabric out.
I left about an inch or half an inch of fabric all around.

2. I folded the extra fabric inside to create a smooth edge.

3. I stitched it up from the inside of the shirt all round and that is it!!!!
I took an extreme close up of the sleeve so that you can really see the stitching but when you put it on you cannot see anything at all.


It was really simple and easy and it worked!

Ok enough from me for today 🙂

Nina xo

9 thoughts on “DIY: Turning a long sleeved blouse into a sleevless one!

  1. You are becoming a seamstress before our very eyes lol
    I have a castor oil question. I finally cracked the seal. It’s very thick so I am trying it 3 ways
    1) massaged it into my scalp sitting here with a shower cap. Going to leave it overnight but do I shampoo it the next day? Already shampooed before applying the oil
    2) trying it on my eyelashes – how often do you need to do this to notice anything?
    3) also trying it on acne. Been breaking out pretty badly for past month or so. So we shall see

    1. Ok so yes it is thick but once you put it in your hands, just quickly run it under water to dillute it a little but not too much, just enough to make it easier to distribute. Massage on your scalp but also all over your hair,.primarily your ends. Tie it up and leave for an hour or two or over night. Most definitely WASH IT OUT. It’s meant to be a treatment.
      As for your eyelashes, you can put it as often as you want to. It can’t harm you. Marall just started using it on her eyebrows and she said after only 3 days she noticed a difference. She had some thinning out and in only a few days it filled out so it really depends on how fast you’ll see results. Each person is different.
      And I’ve heard and read of people using it on their acne and that it helped but I don’t know too much about it girl. But try and see cuz it wont make it worse. What you have is probably adult acne. Ill tell you some stuff to try for it.

      1. I just got your message – but i definitely washed it out because after a night of wetness under a showercap it needed a good washing – but actually i just rinsed it out and used some conditioner no shampooing and my hair is super curly today – will need to monitor the shedding and growth pattern as my hair takes forever to grow.
        I don’t think i’ll do this on a daily but a few times a week so we’ll see how it goes!

        stupid adult acne – that’s who i feel about it. it’s stupid.


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