Selecting that special dress for PROM …. or other fancy occasions


I feel that no other clothing item makes a woman feel more sexy, elegant and feminine than a dress.

There is just something about when you slip into that right dress. I love it.

I own a ridiculous number of dresses for every occasion, work/office wear, clubbing dress, every day dress, summer dress, maxi dress and I still have my prom dress too! So, prom in Canada is really not as fancy as it is in the States unfortunately. Watching all those shows growing up where girls dressed up in beautiful gowns, rented limos, had dates and all that stuff, I really wanted that…. but never had it.

I went with my best friend, got dropped off by my dad, and my dress was dark violet with a sparkly sheer lace over it with a little trail behind. It was nice but it was no fancy prom gown that I always wished for.

Well high school was over 10 years ago for me Jand girls are so lucky these days to have so many different styles to choose from. With prom being just around the corner now, I am sure dress selecting is well under way and I am seeing all the stores in the malls have their gowns on display. However, buying your dress in a mall you run into a risk of another girl having the same dress! So shopping online is the way to go these days because you are almost guaranteed a Unique Prom Dress.

One of these sites that has some amazing dresses, not just for prom but any occasion, cocktail dresses, wedding dresses, evening dress, plus size, is Victoria’s Dress

I wish I had this around my prom time because any kind of dress you wish for, you can find here, short prom dresses, long prom dresses, honestly anything you desire.

Here are some of my favourites I came across. These you could wear for prom but really they could be for any fancy occasion.

Short prom dress or just a fancy cocktail dress. It’s simply gorgeous, white with colourful rhinestones.


If you prefer something longer and more gown like. This is a beautiful baby pink flowy dress. I would have worn this. It’s gorgeous.


If you are not really into colours and prefer something more simple and subdued. Here is a beautiful brown/bronze tube top long dress.


As black is a lot of ladies choice, I really like this as it’s simple, elegant with a silver beading accent and one shoulder strap.


I really wish I had this during my prom time. I know I am making myself sound so old hehe but it does seem like my prom was ages ago. I searched for my dress for months and now they are just a click away. But I do have a wedding to go to in June, so I am going to fancy it up! And of course show you guys my gorgeous dress 🙂



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