NOTD – Barbie Pink


This is my second favourite nail polish colour ever. Hot Barbie Pink. (First being Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze – hot coral) It’s perfect for summer, looks AMAZING on toes and it just gets attention. With such bright and poppin colour, you really don’t need designs or glitter in my case but what the hell!

There are hundreds of different brands in this colour and I own at least 5 but this one here is LA Girl Nail polish. I don’t think it has a name because I cannot see one the bottle but it’s a tiny little one that I got as a sample in a nail kit.


All in all, the quality is terrible. You need 10 layers to make it non-streaky, and get good coverage. It does not last long at all and chips very easy. So it’s pretty crap but the colour is gorgeous lol. Anyway, it’s that bad that it doesn’t even deserve a picture of the actual bottle lol.


I wonder how the rest of LA cosmetics are. I don’t think I have ever tried any. If you have, please do share. I’d love to know if everything is this poor quality.

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