Go Raptors Go!!! RED AND WHITE!


Ok this post has nothing to do with beauty or fashion lol BUT I am very proud of our baskebtall team as they evened out the series yesterday in the play offs against the Nets. This is a bit deeper than just sports for our city. Let me tell you why.


Our sports teams suck! Baseball, hockey, basketball (until now). Everything here sucks! I feel that Canadians are not very original and they copy everything that America does and fail terribly at doing so. There is no pride in Toronto (only city I can speak on, as that’s the only city I lived in) . Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world! But everyone views themselves as an individual like where they come from rather than a Canadian or Torontorian for that matter.

For example in New York, where there are also a lot of different ethnicities, people obviously connect with who they are but they are also proud New Yorkers.

Anyway, there is no sense of unity, pride or support here BUT that’s all changed now that Raptors have made it to the play offs. It is amazing to FINALLY see our city come together, SUPPORT AND REJOICE AND CELEBRATE.


The arena is sold out so in front of the ACC on the jumbo screen, they are showing the game and masses and masses of people have gathered for the first two games to watch! Everyone is happy, waving the Canadian flag and just supportive.
I am not originally from Canada, I wasn’t born here but this is my home NOW for the past 18 years. After I left my country, it sucked feeling like you don’t belong anywhere. Yesterday, it felt nice and there was a sense of belonging.


Anyway!!!! GOOOOO RAPTORS! You made us proud so let’s keep it going now!

Drake was in a permanent squat lol not sitting or standing! lol

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