Let’s talk deals, bargains and my awesome clothing shopping haul!

ImageAlthough I do purchase expensive things and designer names from time to time, whether it be clothing or accessories or cosmetics, that is really not what I am about. I am all about deals and good bargains and being fly on a budget! Lol. I am not a label whore (pardon my language) if something looks good and I like it and it’s from a no name store and it costs $5.00 I am getting it. I am all finding great things for a good price and saving.

After all it is not what you put on, it’s about how you wear it.

With that being said. I do know I have a shopping problem and I am an impulse buyer however, I still don’t splurge foolishly. Unless it’s shoes and bags! LOL.. when it comes to that all bets are off. What are some of the things you guys splurge on? I’d love to know!

I also don’t really shop online. I don’t have any monthly subscriptions to any beauty boxes, or anything like that. I was really tempted many times but the shipping costs are usually higher than the items I want to get . The delivery takes forever and I am really impatient! I also like to look at things and FEEL them more importantly before purchasing and online I cannot do that.

I do feel that a lot of these websites claim they are full of good deals and saving you money, they’re really full of bs.
Soooo, in Toronto here, we have outlets called Orfus Road Outlets which are full of lower end stores and some more known name ones and you really can find a good bargain. You do have to search through piles of crap to find decent stuff but this weekend I got out there and picked up a few really great things and I couldn’t wait to share them with you guys.

Before I get into that, if you are all about saving and good deals but also trying something new to get there, check out www.raise.com.
They have a really interesting and new method on saving at your favourite stores. I’ve linked the article.

1. White Blouse
It’s a loose fitting silky blouse with sleeves that can be rolled down or up and hooked with a little strap and a button. The back part is what really attracted me to this shirt, with this laced up touch. I also love the gold buttons. This shirt was only $5.00.

2. Tiger shirt
This is also a loose fitting top, short in the front and slightly longer in the back. It’s an off shoulder shirt as well with tiger heads and little jewel details. Also $5.00.


3. Juicy t-shirt
So here is designer name purchase but a great deal finder at only $14.99. I love the gold glittery lettering.


4. Black/White spring pants
These pants are so comfortable, it feels as if you have nothing on! They are tight in all the right places but looser around your legs. You can dress them up with some heels or down with some flats. $16.99


5. Coral pink track pants
I initially purchased these for gym but I really love them just for around the house or running to a store or going for a walk. The colour is so pretty and they are a great fit and so summery! $12.99


6. Black/Pink Dresses
I love these dresses! They may not look the best in the picture but when you put them on, they just shape according to your body. It’s tight and fitted and just under your knee. They are perfect for work, even an evening out. $5.00 EACH can you imagine? You can dress them up with a nice belt too.


7. Faux Leather Jacket
I really like the style of this jacket, the gold zipper details and the way it zips on an angle. $23.00


8. Lace back tanktop
They had any colour you could wish for but I picked a hot pink and also a black. Front is just a regular wife beater tank top and back is see through and lace. $5.00


These items were purchased in various stores and I am really happy and excited with all of my findings.
I am not against designer names and buying yourself expensive things. I do it from time to time when I really like or want something. Especially with shoes, bags and watches. But this post was about finding a good deal which I am more so about.

I would love to hear about where you guys go for your deals and bargains and also what you splurge on!!! Do share. Also, do you shop online, malls, outlet malls???



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