LOTD – Side twist – my go to hairstyle in a rush


So I have another go to hairstyle besides my bun lol that I do when I am rushing, or don’t feel like doing up my hair. Bun is my ultimate of course, but this is another, side twist and either having the rest of my hair in a side bun or a side ponytail. It takes all of 2 minutes and it looks nice and done up. That’s the thing about curly hair that I love, no matter what you do, you always look like you have a hair style.


I part my hair and just twist up the front. I secure it with some bobby pins and bring the rest of my hair to the side where the twist is and tie it up. Sometimes I do the other side in a twist too but most times I just sleek my hair back. It’s not perfect by any means, it’s messy but still looks presentable.



My make up:


Grey eyeshadow is by NARS called Notorious. It’s perfect for a daytime smokey eye.
I also have a bit of white shimmer on the lower lash line and inner corner.
Liquid eyeliner by Rimmel
The best mascara ever by L’oreal (telescopic)



MAC’s Sheen Supreme lipstick in Supremely Confident.


Do you have a go to hairstyle that you do when you are rushing or don’t feel like doing your hair? Share it with me!

9 thoughts on “LOTD – Side twist – my go to hairstyle in a rush

  1. This is super fun, Nina! And this would work in a pinch with my curls…something I’m always on the lookout for. It’s funny how one person’s go-to can become another’s sought-after style! Thanks for posting.

      1. Actually, that’s a great idea! I will try this weekend and make Joe take a photo (what other reason is there to have a boyfriend, haha!).


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