NOTD – My nude nails


I rarely ever do plain nails. It’s just not me. I love and prefer my bright colours, bold shades, designs and glitter. I also love a solid white polish. You will neverrr catch me in a nude blah colour, well until now. I am really liking this Revlon nude in Elegant and that’s exactly what it looks like, so classy, sophisticated and elegant.


It has a great application. You only really need 2 coats. There is another nude shade in Graceful but they look identical to me.


I did have to dress it up a little hence the black angled tips and some gold shimmer …. I had to!! lol


8 thoughts on “NOTD – My nude nails

  1. This is very classy and I love it. I feel like the simple nails are going around lately. I’m not feeling up to Easter nails and what I have planned is a simple nude nail with a tiny something added.

    1. Sometimes simple is the way to go. It looks classy but still pretty and done up. Adding a little something like you say gives it that little something extra so it’s not too boring.


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