(Blog) One year anniversary


So I got a note from WordPress wishing me a happy One Year Anniversary! Woo Hoo! lol I can’t believe it’s already been a year because I still feel so new to this blog world. I just wanted to say that starting this blog was an amazing thing because I got to share my passion for fashion and beauty and every day things with people who appreciate it just as much as me. I am not hearing omg Nina you shop too much! You change your hair colour too much! You have too many shoes! Ok Nina enough with the make up talk!

But more than that, I got to “meet” some really cool ladies and connect with you and chat with you as if I really know you in person. Some of you I really wish I did 🙂 you know who you are! If we lived closer Amy, Marilyn and Maria, we would go shopping like every day lol

But I want to thank  all my followers and those that leave me the most kindest and sweetest comments and make me feel so pretty every day!I appreciate you more than you know!

Lotsa love always.


5 thoughts on “(Blog) One year anniversary

  1. Congratulation for your blogianniversary beautiful! Too bad we all live so far away but I still feel so lucly to have met you and other girls ♡♡♡


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