OOTD – Finally warm enough for a skirt!


With pantyhose that is.. but I’ll take it! Warmer days are slowing rolling around and I couldn’t be happier. I love wearing all black and pairing it up with chunky gold accessories. It makes perfect for office appropriate yet fashionable attire.



I am wearing:

A black pencil skirt from H&M
Black mesh pantyhose
Black top from Winners
Ankle booties from Winners
Red coat from Sears

I absolutely love this coat. The style of it is great and the blood shot red colour is gorgeous!


Here is a closer look at my gold necklace and earrings. This necklace is from Talbots and I absolutely love it. It’s such a signature piece and you have to wear it with something plain, like this black outfit, otherwise it would be too much.


It actually comes with matching square earrings but I did not wear them here. I opted out for cone studded earrings.


ImageI am off for a nice walk to enjoy a bit of this sunshine because I am pretty sure by the time I am done work and have to go home it’ll be cold again! Ahh Toronto. Lol.



11 thoughts on “OOTD – Finally warm enough for a skirt!

    1. Hahahah thanks girl! You are too funny.
      Well I wish I could tell you I do squats on the regular because I should be…but I don’t lol.
      It’s all natural lol
      You made me laugh.. Thank you!

  1. Very chic hun! By the way sorry I could’t send you a picture from Croatia cause I packed away my car charger and I was without my phone the whole trip 😦 xx


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