The best BODY BUTTERS – my collection and personal favourites


I absolutely love body butters and prefer them to any cream or lotion out there. The thicker consistency of them leaves your skin well hydrated for hours, soft and silky and the smell lingers so much longer as well! Here are some of my favourites.

Before I get to that, Bath and Body Works is my crack. I prefer it over Body Shop. I think I own every spray, butter, home freshner and candle from that store lol. However, my favourite butters are from both of these stores.

One that should be mentioned, is that, not all body butters are created the same. Some are thick and sticky, others softer consistency and smooth, basically they come in all kinds of consistency and texture to suit everyone’s preference.


1. Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter – Bath and Body Works
MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE ! If I could eat this stuff, I would. I am obsessed with this smell. The entire collection. It smells exactly like what it says. The scent is that of warm sugar with a touch of vanilla. But not like a pastry. I don’t like that. I don’t want to smell like a walking donut. It’s so cozy and pleasant yet exotic. You can wear it all year round. It’s not too heavy in summer during those hot days and it’s perfect for colder days.

It has a really nice consistency. It’s not too thick and it leaves your skin like velvet and silk.

This is one of their classics and signature scents and it’s extremely popular so I am sure you all know what it smells like but if you don’t GO RIGHT NOW and take a sniff lol..


2. Shea Nut Body Butter – Body Shop
This is my second favourite. It has a very light scent. Not overbearing at all. It’s very creamy but not too rich. Some butters are hard to work into your skin but this one goes on very smooth. Your skin soaks it right up so there is no greasy feeling after. I feel this one leaves my skin the softest and gives it a nice glow. The scent is very subtle and not as strong as some other butters so it’s perfect for every day.


3. Almond Body Butter – Body Shop
So when I first smelt this, I hated it. I thought it was just disgusting. The smell is just very different.  Also it has a strong after smell of marzipan. Yuck. . But It was a Christmas gift and the person was literally standing in front of me waiting for me to try it. So I had to. And to my surprise, once it went on my skin it smelled WONDERFUL. It was just totally different. After it sat a little bit, it was even better. No marzipan at all. It was very light.

It’s on the thicker side and a bit sticky so you need to let it dry before getting dressed.


4. Coconut Body Butter – Body Shop
So of course I had to have coconut in here, my favourite scent ever in life. This is just straight coconut smell. If you don’t like coconut smell, you will hate this. It’s strong, straight to the point, nothing else to say. Plain coconut.
The texture is great though. Not oily or greasy, not thick, easy to distribute. Also it kind of feels cool and soothing on your skin. When I tan and burn a bit, this stuff feels amazing afterward.

Side note – There is a shimmer version of this one that I also love.



5. Coconut Lime Verbena Body Butter – Bath and Body Works
Another coconut scented butter but with a citrusy twist. This is amazing for those hot summer days. You can’t rock every and any scent in the summer. When it’s hot and humid out, overly sweet scents just smell disgusting and don’t go well. This is sweet but refreshing. The lime gives it a nice oomph!


6. Dark Kiss – Bath and Body Works
Not sure if you noticed but all the butters were very natural scents, coconut, sugar, vanilla, etc. This one is very different. It’s more perfumized and fruity. It’s also sweet. Hey, that’s just what I prefer lol but this one is more of a seductive fruity scent. Smells like berries, vanilla, plum and amber .. yup altogether!



Some of the others that are also great are Japanese Cherry Blossom – Bath and Body works, Brazilian Nut Body Butter – Body Shop, Sensual Amber – Bath and Body works, Twighlight Woods – Bath and Body works.


What are your favourite body butters??? I am always looking to try different ones!

5 thoughts on “The best BODY BUTTERS – my collection and personal favourites

  1. I love The Body Shop so much. I literally just got home from buying the new Raspberry scent !!!! I’ve got more Body Shop stuff in my house than anything.


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