Are you wearing the wrong bra size? You probably are…


You’d be surprised how many ladies wear the wrong bra size without even knowing it. I was one of them. I never got fitted until a few years ago. And it’s really important that you do get fitted and find out your right bra size because you would be surprised how much it can affect your health overall.

First of all, I hate bras. I feel like I am wearing a bullet proof vest. I hate padded bras with a passion. If I could get away with not wearing one, I would but unfortunately I can’t… so.


How do you select your bra when you go shopping for one? Well, I would pick them based on how cute they look, you know style and colour, etc. I thought I knew my size but guess what I was a whole cup wrong!

So my friend Nicole and I went bra shopping a few years back and we got fitted. All my life I wore 36C well I was told I am a 36D. I never even bothered to try on a different size so when I actually did, I felt like I was born again. What a difference it made! I could not believe it.


Here are some of the ways you can tell if your bra is wrong for you:

1. You see imprints in your skin, or red marks from your bra. It should not print itself on your skin or dig into your flesh.


2. Spillage. Yes your breastisis spilling over. Not cute.

3. Underwire that digs into your skin and leaves red marks in between your breasts.

4. The back part of your bra does not line up with the front. It sits too high or too low.


5. Your breasts are peaking from underneath your bra.

6. You feel overall discomfort.

7. The underwire does not sit flat against your breast plate.

8. Your boobs do not fill the cup properly.

EVERY WOMAN should go get fitted for a bra regularly. And I say regularly because our body shape changes, we lose weight, gain weight and it affects  your bra size.


– HEADACHES: If the bra is too tight it causes tension in your shoulders and your neck which in return gives headaches

– BACKACHE: If the bra is not fitting properly then it isn’t giving proper back support either.

SAGGING: It breaks down the breast tissue and causes sagging

– BREAST ACHES: Bra too tight can cause tender and sore breasts.

So go get fitted. It is estimated that 80% women wear wrong bra size. Don’t be one of them!

Here is how you can measure it yourself in the meantime but still go get measure professionally!

ImageNina xo

One thought on “Are you wearing the wrong bra size? You probably are…

  1. Remember my shock when I discovered how wrong my size was. Cup and band all wrong. Now every time I need to buy a bra I get fitted. Unfortunately for me my size doesn’t provide me with too many options. I still struggle with finding a good strapless bra even after getting measured/fitted

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