NOTD – Something simple


While organizing my nail polishes I realized that my collection lacks basic colours, also more natural and simple tones. Everything is over the top green, purple, glittery and pink, so I went out to buy some “simple” shades and ended up with some more gold glitter and coral pinks lol… Hey I TRIED! but yes I did buy a white nail polish as that is one colour everyone must have in their collection!  (my current one was all done)


So I picked up Sally Hansen Coral Reef and Bold Gold.

I was really excited to try this gold glitter on but even though I liked it I am a bit disappoint it because it is not as in your face as I hoped.
It has gold and black glitter mixed but it’s not dense enough.

The coral reef is gorgeous. Real summery colour.



3 thoughts on “NOTD – Something simple

  1. Loving the pink! And lol I do that all the time too. I go shopping with the idea of buying something I need but enda up buying always the same kind of stuff that always catches my eye!

    1. Yup. I try to go for something more subtle because I feel everything I have is colourful, sparkly and over the top, but when I do get something more subdued I feel boring Lolol so I don’t use or wear it anyway!


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