Word of the Day – How I feel

ImageI got so disappointed when I realized today wasn’t Friday. The whole time this morning I was thinking it was Friday…. and kept shoving and pushing papers away from my desk thinking I’ll deal with this on Monday… and now I am re-tracing everything realizing it’s Thursday and I still need this shit. lol

5 thoughts on “Word of the Day – How I feel

      1. urgh tell me. I have a colleague that keeps on yelling at people and somewhat mobbing people. I couldnt care less, but when you have to work with people it could not be more exhausting

  1. Nina, I just love it when you add these kind of ‘Word of the Day’ posts. I feel this happens to me all the time! I can be a bit dramatic, I mean *cough* over dramatic and do pretty much what this guy does, except I do it in front of other people! 🙂

    Caryl x

    1. Hehe I am glad to hear you enjoy these kind of posts Caryl and that you can relate lol
      I normally post about how I feel or what im thinking at the moment so good to know im not the only one
      I will keep em coming xoxo


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