Look of the Day – NYC Midnight Mauve eyeshadow palette for brown eyes

ImageI did this look a few days ago actually. I picked up a small NYC eyeshadow palette in Midnight Mauve 945. They have a few different variations for each eye colour so this one is for brown eyes. Summary: it sucks ! lol

ImageI did not really have any expectations for the quality of it as I feel that NYC cosmetics is one of the lower brands at the drug store and while the colours really do look pretty, they don’t show as much as I would like them to or they should.

ImageThe palette comes with 4 eye shadow colours.
– brown/burgundy/mauve
– lilac/burgandy
-light baby pink
– white

It also comes with an eye primer and eyebrow highlighter.

The two darker shades are actually fine. They are pretty pigmented, but the pink and white are just so bad.
The pink is not really pink, more just pearly and white you can’t even see. It’s actually a matte white but nothing shows! Ugh!

The primer and the eyebrow highlighter are just OK and I did not use them for this look.

ImageOn my lips I am wearing a very light outline of the Lise Watier Purple eyeliner. Yes you can use eyeliner as lip liner… even create a lipstick (add some gloss to it and you got it – maybe I should do a post on this as I tend to do this a lot) This is in shade Noir Bleu and it is the most gorgeous purple colour.

ImageIt’s filled in and blended with MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 Lipglass.


So this palette was a waste of money and it’s going in the never use again pile. 😦

7 thoughts on “Look of the Day – NYC Midnight Mauve eyeshadow palette for brown eyes

  1. Love the lips! The eyeshadow palette is beautiful, too bad the colors don’t look as pretty and vibrant on the yes 😦 I guess to makeu them work you need to use all the tips out there (orimer, white pencil underneath and wetting the brush) Xx Have another great weekend hun!

    1. You are right but it’s too much work to do all that lol
      When I get the eye shadow I want it to work without doing all this extra stuff. Ugh.
      I hope you have a great weekend too. Are you all packed for your move?

  2. It’s funny how you just posted a review on this palette. I was just going to buy it the other day after watching a couple of youtube videos on it. Thanks for saving me money lol. I swear some of their products are great, but when it comes to eye shadow they are terrible. Great review and you look beautiful =)

    1. I am glad you’ve seen it then! lol I mean it’s not terrible but it’s definitely not great by any means. I wouldn’t purchase it again .
      And thank you for your compliment. You are so sweet xo


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