Can’t ever have enough of animal prints

ImageI probably overdo it with my leopard and cheetah prints so I decided to switch over to zebra lol. No but seriously I have an obsession with animal prints. From jewelry to clothing to my make up compact mirror and even socks. That’s just to name a few… It’s bad I know.

ImageI am wearing:
-High waist skinny grey pants – you can’t see they’re high waisted the way I wore them here but these are super comfy and stretchy. Forever 21.
-White tank top from Forever 21.
-Zebra cardigan from Talbots. Yes Talbots. I know it’s an old lady store but my mom gets all this cute stuff from there so I just take it from her hehe
-Ankle shoes from Zara.

ImageThis is so terrible. Look at the shoes in the background here . I should’ve moved all that mess… Some of your pictures are perfection but here I give you realness lol


4 thoughts on “Can’t ever have enough of animal prints

  1. You’re a wild soul so animal prints make sense 😉 And they look good on you so who cares, cause you can never have too much 🙂 Xx

  2. Of course, there’s always room for more animal print! hehe 😀 Don’t worry, we don’t think you’re messy, look at the clean floors hihi.

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