My skin has come a long way! My facial cleansing routine update

ImageI suffer from Rosacea – chronic skin condition. That’s putting it simply. Actually, when I had just started this blog about a year ago, I reached the worst part of my skin problem. My face looked like it was riddled by bullets. I had pimples, blemishes, weird red itchy bumps and my entire head was on FIRE! Now, my face is smooth, clear and I hope it stays this way.

I wrote about Rosacea before, if you go through my past blogs under the skin care category you will be able to find it, but basically it is a very common skin disease, however its cause is unknown. Although doctors do not know what causes it, they do know what triggers the outbreaks: coffee, alcohol, hot/cold weather changes, stress, crying….. yes pretty much anything! lol

This is what my face used to look like:

ImageFor me, Rosacea made me feel very insecure and almost dirty. I felt everyone was staring at me and they actually were! When it reached its worst, people at work would come up to me asking me omg Nina you have some kind of a rash all over your face, are you allergic to something? Thanks!!! Do you think I am blind? NO need to point shit out ASSHOLES.

And no make up covered it.

Anyhow, I tried all kind of products and creams and crap and nothing worked. I did have to take an antibiotic in form of an ointment, for a few months. After that cleared it, I have managed to maintain my skin with very very basic cleansing routine.

This is not just for problematic skin. Anyone can use this but obviously it’s ideal for sensitive skin people.

1. Removing Make up: I use either baby wipes, or Ponds Make up wipes (see pic). They are gentle, do not irritate and remove all make up perfectly.


2. Cleaning the skin: I use Cetaphil – Gentle Skin Cleanser – to wash my face. It does not dry out your skin. It leaves your face feeling fresh and clean.


3. Night time moisturizer – I use VICHY Aqua Thermal Mineral Balm. You only need tiny bit of this goodness to keep your face hydrated and soft. It has no scent, it is not heavy or greasy.


4. Daytime moisturizer – So I actually don’t use a daytime cream , however I use sunscreen as a moisturizer, by La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 SPF. You are supposed to wear sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY, but especially if you have any skin problems. This is one thing that I never ever used to do. I would only put sunscreen on my face when I would go away on vacations.


This is an amazing sunscreen. Scent free, moisturizing, not heavy, a bit on the oily side but a little goes a long way.

This is all I do for my facial routine and it has been keeping my face nice and clean and prevented Rosacea outbreaks so far. I really wanted the antibiotic to be a one time thing and I don’t want to go back to it. So far so good.


12 thoughts on “My skin has come a long way! My facial cleansing routine update

  1. I’m happy to read that your skin is better. I don’t have any major skin issues, but when my dryness acts up (like right now) it makes me super sad. Makeup always looks like shit.

      1. See that never works for me, I am ALWAYS freaking flaky. I would rather be oily, becaue I could powder all the time. I prefer the look of a matte face to dewy, but I’m dry. Freaking stupid skin… lol!!!

        ps: once I get my hair cut, there shall be red!

      2. I’m due for a cut any day now, I’m gonna do away with the longer underside layer, and go full on Victoria Beckham haircut I think… Next week sometime.

  2. Nina, you are doing great! Your skin does look much better. A couple of things as triggers, sun and spices too 😦 As it is an inflammatory condition, you need to use anti-inflammation products. A great one I give to all my rosacea patients and they love is Phyto Corrective Gel from Dkin Ceuticals. It’s light, hydrating and anti-inflammatory! Plant based too! Keep it up with your skin! Xoxo, Bianca

    1. Thanks Bianca. I knew about sun and spices as well. Luckily I don’t eat spicy food 🙂 I do enjoy laying out in the sun when we get some here in Toronto and away on vacations so I just take my chances then. I know it’s bad but.. .
      Is there a daytime moisturiser you would recommend?

      1. Hi Nina! Yes. Please take a look at the Avene French skin care line. It’s formulated with thermal water (with healing and anti-inflammatory properties). They have a couple of very good moisturizers for sensitive, compromised skin. One is called Tolerance Extreme. Also spray the Avene Thermal Water spray all day long on your face. Even on top of makeup. I hope this helps Nina! 🙂


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