Top Make Up Essentials ( that every women should have )

ImageI saw this article on some random website on the weekend so I came up with my own version you could say. These are the items that I think are the most essential when it comes to cosmetics and that every woman should have in her make up case. I also gave some suggestions as to the products I personally use.

1. Bold Lip Colour

You should have at least one bold lipstick colour in your collection. It could be a nice red, a bright pink or a dark deep purple. Something out there that makes your face pop and screams confidence!

Personal faves/suggestions: MAC Candy Yum Yum, MAC Heroine, Rimmel Kate Moss Collection cherry red in 107


2. Red Lipstick

I know that not everyone is a fan of red lipsticks but you need at least one good red colour in your collection. I was also timid to wear red before. I mean it really stands out and it attracts attention and if not applied properly you can end up looking like a clown but red lips is sexiness and class combined and when you find the right shade and perfect the application, it really does something for your entire look. You can be dressed plain or in all black and have only mascara done, and look blah and then you put that red lipstick on and you’re good to go!

Person fave/suggestion: Rimmel Kate Moss Collection Cherry Red in 107, MAC R.E.D.


3. Black Eyeliner

Me personally, I can’t leave my house without eyeliner. I can have the rest of my face completely bare but I need my eyeliner.
You may not be an eyeliner person but you need a good black eyeliner in your collection. It defines your eyes, makes them pop, and flatters your face. I personally don’t like just regular pencils, I prefer a crayon like eyeliner and liquid liner of course.

Personal fave/suggestion: Rimmel Exaggerate Crayon Pencil and Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner



4. Mascara

This is that one product that makes your eyes and your entire face look awake no matter how little sleep you got and how tired you are. Everyone needs a good mascara in their life! lol I have gone through so many, drug mart brands, high end brands but a few years ago I discovered the best mascara ever and I will never try another. There is simply no need to.

When I first saw the application brush of this mascara I thought to myself, this is garbage, how will this even apply the product , there is practically no little brush hairs. (see pic below) but it does the best job ever! It separates your lashes and applies to every lash hair, extending it. It’s simply amazing.

Personal fave/ suggestion: L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara


5. Concealer

If you don’t like wearing foundation, then you especially need a good concealer. It hides all your blemishes, pimples, dark circles, you name it.

Tip: To find the right concealer, go a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.

Personal Fave/Suggestion: Maybelline Fit me Concealer


6. Highlighter

This gives your skin a subtle but crucial glow, brightening effect and just an overall complimenting look. I personally like matte highlighters for an every day look and maybe a slight shimmer for an evening look. Too much shimmer or shimmer in the daytime may look a bit much in my opinion. You don’t have to get an actual highlighter, you can use a white matte eyeshadow, foundation a few shades lighter than your skin tone, concealer, anything really works, and dab it under your eyes, extending on your cheek bones, down your nose bridge, above your eyebrows and chin. You will be glowing in a nice refreshing way!

Personal fave/suggestion: L’Oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter or even L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer


7. Bronzer

I love to dab a little bronzer all year round. it makes your skin look healthy, sun kissed and it gives a gorgeous glow.
Be careful when selecting a bronzer so you don’t end up looking orange. Bronzer does not need to be “bronzy” it can be natural or rosy. I prefer it golden.

Personal fave/Suggestion: GOSH Giant Sun Powder. It’s the most perfect golden shade ever. I am in love with this.


8. Primer

I have to admit I skip primer most of the time, unless I am going out at night and want my make up to look extra special and last extra long. They say primer is like spanx for your skin. It makes anything you put on top look smooth and flawless. I agree!

Primer can be worn by itself!

Personal fave/Suggestion: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer. It is a bit oily so it’s ideal for dry skin.


9. Eye Shadow Palette

Whether you’re into eye shadows or not, you need at least one good eye shadow palette because there will come a time or an occasion where you will need to wear eyeshadow.

Personal fave/ Suggestion: NYX Eye shadow pallets. Two different suggestion here. More earthy natural tones and then some bold coloured ones too.



Let me know if I missed anything or what you find a top essential make up product or any products you’d like to share that I should try!


15 thoughts on “Top Make Up Essentials ( that every women should have )

  1. I agree with all of this, everything in this post would make an awesome everyday face! Shit it would even make some damn good night looks!

    You’re making me want to go get Candy Yum Yum!!!

      1. Hahaha funny you say that cuz I went shopping with a friend on Friday and I was only going in and out to grab something and she was coming along for company but she ended up seeing a pair of shoes and I was like Omg they’re gorgeous go for it! She was like nina stop me! Why are you encouraging me? But when it comes to shopping I am not the one to stop. I will encourage it to the fullest. Same with trying different things, experimenting with hair, crazy colours, etc lol

  2. Couldn’t agree more and I totally need candy yum yum in my life. Maybe I can find a budget friendly version. Mac is sometimes insane with their prices (only thing I hate about them).

    1. They really are and quite honestly I am not a big MAC lover either. I think you can find great products in drug stores and they’re good quality too, because they really stepped their game up. However once in a while I treat myself to MAC stuff and its mainly products that are just different that drug stores wouldn’t really have.
      I do have a bright pink like this its a Revlon pencil you know those kissables. Only thing is no dupe I ever came across had the neon effect.

    1. Lol I know. Me too. Those days when I feel like having nothing on or im running out in a hurry mascara is a must. You put that on and right away I look like im not sick or dead lol


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