9 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Love this!

  1. These quotes are nice pick me ups in some days!
    Haha I know what you mean about the quotes being tattooed on you, good thing I don’t really like the pain associated with it..

    1. Hehe me neither but I love the finished product so I bare through the pain lol
      I had this idea before I wanted my body to be like a book filled with quotes about me and my life and things I believe it. I don’t think that’s such a great idea anymore lol seeing I work in a very conservative environment !

      1. That’s actually an awesome idea but yeah, too bad you have work restrictions. I understand though cause I’m in the medical field and they’re pretty strict with piercings and tattoos. Too bad!

        Maybe you could start with your back and other areas that are mostly covered anyway..

      2. I am also in a medical field! Well I work for an institute for Cancer Research, so lots of Scientists and Doctors.
        So I am sure you can understand 🙂

        And yes exactly I started with those areas so I still have some skin area left to work with lol

        But like they say tattoos are addictive. You get one and before you know it you have 10. Doesn’t help that my boyfriend is totally covered .

        Do you have any?

      3. Alright med workers!! 😀

        Sadly, that is not true for me. I had one done on my lower back (tramp stamp? Gah I hate that term lol) It was one of those..I don’t know what I was thinking moment. It wasn’t as meaningful as I would like since it was a spur of the moment decision..Oh to be young.

        I think it takes certain people to pull it off. You have to have the right attitude towards it and embrace it. I always love seeing it on others and think about beautiful it looks but at the same time, I don’t see myself with it. So I just admire from here 🙂

        Also, I’m sure seeing your bf’s tats make you want it more. Mine has NONE at all so it’s not an issue.

      4. Lol.. tramp stamp lol.. too funny.

        Well, I do think that every tat should be of some sentimental value to you. I wouldn’t just get a butterfly because it looks pretty lol

        But I grew up in a very strict European household where piercings and tattoos are for criminals lol as my mom would say. So when my friends were rebelling and get their noses and tongues pierced and tattoos done I was too scared of my mom and dad LOL. So I was somewhat of a later bloomer.

        I managed to hide it for almost 10 years. Last summer my mom saw the one on my back and had a panic attack. She literally could not breath. She did not speak to me for a month. And it just happened before she was going back to my country to visit. And she refused to speak to me, take any of my calls. She said I was dirty and tainted now lol

        Imagine that.

      5. Well I would probably get it lasered of if it was a butterfly! Thankfully it’s a little sentimental. It’s a tribal of my zodiac sign 😛

        OMG your poor mother. Haha She’s probably thinking what happened to her little angel. That’s so funny though. Hopefully she’s starting to come around. If not, she will eventually…(I hope)

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