ImageIt’s not exactly make up of THE DAY because this was on the weekend but just got around to posting it now. I really love seeing brown toned eye shadows but I always thought they don’t suit me. They’re so earthy and natural, make great daytime looks, but you can do it up for the evening look too however I feel they wash me out but I actually like this one. This is one of the few times you’ll catch me wearing brown shadows.

ImageI used the NYC New York Color eyeshadow palette. I applied the pink and the lighter brown/grey on the inner corner and then the chocolate brown shadow on the outer corner and blended it in.

ImageOn my lips I am wearing Revlon ColorBurst Lip butter in Gum Drop.



23 thoughts on “MOTD

  1. You look beautiful with brown eyemakeup and lovely pink lip ^_^ It’s so good to see you with red hair again, it’s like you have a second (inner) smile now šŸ™‚ if that makes any sense….:D

  2. Beautiful =) btw, try using the wet & wild palettes they tend to work great for day and night. The pigment is amazing! The only thing I do not like is that there is a little bit of fall out, but that can be cleaned.

    1. See, wet ‘n wild products are so limited here in Toronto. I see beautiful cosmetics by them around the net that girls use but I cannot find them here unfortunately. Every now and then I’ll come across something in Walmart.

      1. Oh boooo!!! They really make brown eyes pop if I find them I could send it to you let me know. Walmart ahhh love that place unfortunately we do not have one in Brooklyn =( I’m sure you guys have a bunch of cool makeup things there that we don’t.

      2. You are too sweet! Honestly we do have some nice stuff there but I feel it’s much better in the U.S. I feel here in Canada we always get limited items and crappy left overs lol.
        I was just on their website looking at different products. I really like Fergie’s stuff. Have you tried any of it?

      3. Hi love no problem =) That sucks!!!! Anytime you want something let me know I could send you stuff. I have only used the Fergie eyelashes which were good, just had to bend them a little more beforehand.

      4. Fergie products I have only tried the eyelashes and they are awesome!!! Just have to bend them more so than the ardell lashes. Great products though. You let me know if you ever want anything.


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