On replay – The Weekend – Drunk in Love remix

ImageSo I am going to sound like a hater now but I cannot stand Beyonce. I never did like her. She is a gorgeous woman and she is crazy talented but she is annoying and fake as hell but Drunk in love is a catchy song. I equally dislike The Weekend. I mean he sounds like a castrated cat.  I support Canadian talent so I guess I should be more supportive of this Toronto artist but I cannot. I cannot do that high pitched screaching vocals. So why do I like this song? LOL.. I dunno… but I do. I prefer his version that Beyonce’s even and this has been playing all weekend long in my house LOL.

12 thoughts on “On replay – The Weekend – Drunk in Love remix

      1. Honestly give The Weeknd a chance. On some songs he sounds just like MJ and I adored the king of Pop.

        Agree with the whole thing about Beyonce being over the top. I am a fan but she is not somebody I rush to see live because she totally destroys a lot of her songs in concert. I liked her set at Glastonbury and that was about it really. No denying her voice is beautiful but sometimes she performs as if her life is on the line if she doesn’t hit those high notes.

      2. Well I am not denying that he has some dope songs. Where I can deal with his vocals but I just cant say ima fan. When I look at him he looks like a joke then he opens his mouth and its over lol
        And yes I.agree about Beyonce. She is a powerhouse but she tries to perform some of her big notes in her live events different than they are on the album and its a miss most of the time cuz there are only a few artists that can switch it up n do it over the top and pull it off. To me shes not one of them. It always falls a little flat. But she is a great entertainer and she def knows how to put on a show.

      3. It’s his hair isn’t it? LOL
        That hair really aint doing him any favours, The Weeknd and Blue Ivy comparisons kill me every time.Honestly the internet is so ridiculous at times.

        I saw Destiny’s child years ago in concert but I am yet to see Queen B in all her glory. Two girls from my class are seeing her this Wednesday here in London so I will see what they think. Of course at ten years old, it’s going to be one of the highlights of their life so far ha!

      4. Hahaha ok the hair is not working at all. Some people try so hard to be different and to stand out and its just not DOIN it at all. Like wtf is that? If his dreads were down or tied up neatly he could possibly be good looking lol

        And yes im sure they’ll come back chanting King B lol

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