OOTD – Casual office look

ImageI shouldn’t be wearing any type of leggings to work but these beige ones are a bit different, fabric is thicker, they have some details on them so they could possibly pass for pants lol but anyway I paired it up with a longer shirt and a blazer and you get an office appropriate look .

ImageEven though it’s for work, I still have to let my personality shine through of course, so my top is black with gold skulls and a gold skull matching necklace.

ImageI pulled my hair back and twisted the side – this is my lazy, running out the door, late for work hairstyle lol


12 thoughts on “OOTD – Casual office look

  1. I’m loving this outfit (I had an obsession for everything beige while back lol), all the pieces are simple but look so nice together and that scull top is really cool. Happy weekend sweets! ^_^

      1. Unfortunately I’m having a weekend far away from wonderful….we’re all in bed with the flu and high fever 😀 I was doing some packing until I got sick 😛 Xx


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