My very random mini haul

ImageI had to do something to cheer me up and what’s better than retail therapy? I got a whole bunch of random things from clothes, make up, candles and even a mini disco ball! lol  There are crazy sales everywhere, I don’t know what it is… So I wanted to share with you guys.

When I say crazy sales, I mean I got a pair of pants, two blouses, and a track suit for $58 . Not bad right! anyways these pics may not be the greatest but you’ll get the idea!

1. Red sneaker wedges from ALDO
I absolutely love these! It’s the perfect shade of red. Deep yet vibrant cherry red. They’re super comfy. I generally love this whole sneaker wedge style and have a bunch of these shoes but these ones are a definite eye catcher. They were only $40 on sale!

Image2. Blouses from Urban Planet
I got these blouses mainly for work. However, they are extremely see through so for office wear, you definitely have to wear a tank top underneath but if I was to wear them out in the evening I would just wear a fancy bra underneath or a crop top… I got them in black/grey and red/black but they had other colour varations as well. $10 each! Can’t go wrong.

Image3. Track suit from Urban Planet
I initially went only to find a cheap track suit I can just wear around the house. I was not expecting to get anything else but of course that is never the case. The bottoms are baggy and slouchy and oh so comfy. The jacket part is fitted. They had all colours and designs but went with black and of course touch of colour had to be in there. They’re out lined with fleece on the inside which makes it so cozy and soft. Bottoms $12.50 and Top $15

Image4. Dress from The Bay

This was the most expensive item. This dress was on sale for $180 but I love this print. what’s the name of it again? I am blanking out right now but I love this print because it is so classy and sophisticated and just timeless. I remember my mom having coat, bag, shoes and a dress in this print. It’s more for work but I don’t see why you can’t pair this up with some hot heels and wear it out.

Image5. Candle from Bath and Body Works
This is my favourite lotion potion store as I call it. Their candles are amazing and make the whole place smell nice but bloody expensive. One candle $22 is just ridicilous but they had a sale 2 for 25 so I had to get it. One is almost done so i did not take a pic of it but the scent was Ocean Side and it is amazing but this is one of my favourite scents… Coconut Lime…

Image6. Cosmetics from Forever 21
So I am very hesitant to buy make up from random clothing stores. I am not sure about the quality of it and I have to be careful as to what I put on my face due to my rosacea condition. But I could not resist when I walked into Forever 21 and saw all this cute packaging and pretty colours. So I picked up a lipstick in fuschia, lipgloss in nude and a lip liner in nude. I am so happy I did. They’re good quality, long lasting, smooth and creamy. I am going back for more.

ImageHow cute is the cap of this lipgloss? All blinged out. It’s really cheap too. $3.80 – $4.80

ImageImageI am not going to go into details about it but once I purchase more items I will do a review.

7. Gold chain and matching earrings from Talbots
Ok so I did not exactly make this purchase. My mama bought me this from Talbots. When I think Talbots, I think old people lol but I actually love love this set. I can’t wait to wear it. The picture does not even do it justice.

Image8. Mini disco ball – Dollarstore
I love these Super Dollarama stores. They have all kinds of everything so I found this disco ball and I loved it. I hung it up in my dining room above my dining table and I love how it goes with my wall mirror.


Anyway… I haven’t bought any make up in a really long time. I go through phases where I buy cosmetics every other day and then I have a drought for months. But I am bored of everything I own and I feel so out of loop with all the new products so my next big purchase will have to be cosmetics .. so stay tuned. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Lovers you all lots ! lol


8 thoughts on “My very random mini haul

  1. Good finds – really like the dress and the jewellery – whenever i wear the black dress i got from you i get plenty of nice comments 🙂 lol maybe once I get employed again we can go shopping for my new “work” clothing – isn’t that why people get jobs anyways?

  2. Ok I need a dollar store! We used to have them here as well but now they all turned into 5$ stores, nothing’s less. I need a new candle hmm and I love coconut 😀

    1. You know what a few years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead going into a dollar store. It was terrible and I am not sure when it all changed but it’s great now! You can find absolutely everything in there. From household items and decorations, cooking supplies, books and notepads, fancy pens, cosmetics and random finds… but with becoming like this , it’s not a dollar store anymore… it goes up to $3 which is still great.


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