Word of the Day

ImageWe all have that one person (sometimes even more than one) when you’re involved with them, you think you cannot live without them, it’s just unimaginable, so you stay even in times when it’s unhealthy and you know you need to get the fuck out. But the reality is, life does go on and you do get over it and you do go on to live your life  most times even BETTER so, it’s just when you’re emotionally involved, it’s hard to see it. Life does not stop just because someone walks out or you have to walk out on them.


4 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. True, but sadly at that time you are so broken hearted you just imagine it’s impossible. But I like the feeling you get after time passes and you know that you don’t care anymore and it feels like you own the place hehe 😀

    1. We are all guilty of this. I know I am . That’s because when you’re in it, you are so emotionally involved you cannot see things rationally. It seems impossible.
      After you go through it, you are right you feel unbeatable!


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