Big Make up Trend for Spring 2014 – Orange lips..yay or nay?

ImageEverywhere I look lately, fashion shows, magazines, and so on, one thing seems to be consistent across is that a BIG thing this spring will be bright orange lips! I am not the one who usually follows trends as I don’t like looking like everyone else. I like to do my own thing and stand out from the crowd. But of course I like to be in the know and aware of what’s HOT. And to me orange lips are just NOT.

ImageOne of my least favourite colours is orange. I do own all of like two orange shirts and that is it. I am not sure why I have such dislike for orange but I cannot stand it. I don’t think that colour looks good on anyone, of any colour, skin tone, etc. Yuck.

So apparently the big trend for Spring 2014 will be bright, neon, orange lips. I am all for bright lipsticks, pinks, reds, purples, etc… but this is one trend I will not be rockin!

ImageHowever, this is just my opinion and if you do like orange, more power to you and here are some suggested lipsticks I came across:

Maybelline Color Senational Vivids in Electric Orange. Maybelline Vivids are just amazing and I own every single shade except orange lol.

ImageMorange by MAC.


Let me know what you think about orange lips.

Nina xoxo

14 thoughts on “Big Make up Trend for Spring 2014 – Orange lips..yay or nay?

  1. I love an orange lip! I was afraid at first to get an orange lipstick and I searched high and low for the perfect orange which was Sephora brand lipstick in Orange. I was afraid to wear it the first time I did because I was like, “this is orange on my lips” lol but after wearing it and owning 3 different shades of oranges and now some red-oranges I adore the color and how it pops against my skin tone. I will say that it may not be for everyone but I sure do love me an orange lip.

    1. That’s great! I just don’t like the orange colour at all. I don’t shy away from bright lipsticks. I love all shades and colours, but I cannot do orange in clothing or make up. But glad it works for you! You should do a post with it, seeing it’s up and coming 🙂

      1. You know how you feel about Orange is how I feel about red clothing. I will not wear anything red…. love a red lip but can’t do red clothing. Lol. I will def do a post

  2. I really dislike orange in clothing and it looks awful on me but I like it on lips, I think it looks sexybut that’s ofcourse if it goes well with the person skintone =)

    1. I have two orange items in my closet. One is a work out tank top for the gym lol and the other is a see through blouse that I like only cuz it has gold in it it too! That is it! lol

  3. Well I’m still trying to get myself to wear red lipstick so orange is no where in my vocabulary this spring or next one for that matter. However and but my toes are currently painted orange and i actually like it!

  4. It’s funny, that was my exact opinion of this colour a while back, why would anyone wear this hideous colour???? But I have no idea when things changed, maybe with the black hair and all I find myself owning a few orange dresses and loving them 😀 But the lips…might not be for everyone, I know I tried rocking them a few times, it all depends on how daring you are feeling and if it looks good on you. I wouldn’t wear something that makes me look stupid even if it’s the biggest trend of the moment.


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