NOTD – My version of swirly nails

ImageThe reason why I say, MY version is because, I’ve seen the marble nails, done with and without water and with the toothpick. I suppose the trick is to swirl the polish without breaking the line. But I actually like it when the line is broken. I think it looks cool. This may be a bit much for me to do on every single nail, I think I would prefer only to do an accent nail or just the tips all swirly but it’s the wknd so people at the office won’t be able to look at me weird lol.

ImageI simply painted my nails red first, generously.
While still wet, I took the neon coral polish and just dabbed a few spots on top.
Next, I took a toothpick and just swirled the coral polish around my nail .

ImageWhat I meant by not breaking the line is, when you take the toothpick and swirl the dabbed nail polish (in my instance being the coral one) you are supposed to drag it around without touching the base (red nailpolish) and simply make any design you want with only swirling around the pink. I just kind of swirled them around together and liked the outcome. πŸ™‚

Happy V-Day yall! I may not care about this day at all, but at least my nails are painted in the spirit of Valentine’s day – pink and red!

xoxo Nina

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