My hair is back to RED! I am back to MYSELF!

ImageI am so happy! I feel like myself again. I feel so fresh and at peace LOL! Yes I am still talking about my hair. I’ve had this red on and off for many years, I went purple then dark brown in the past 4 months and it killed my hair so bad. I waited out, healed it and now did it back to red. And guess what? NO bleaching. Oh how I’ve missed it!

So my friend Amy (check out her blog – her nail posts are amazing!) told me about L’Oreal High colour High Lift hair dye that has beautiful bright reds that you can achieve without having to pre-bleach your hair. Now, this dye you do have to mix with a developer so it is bleaching of some sort but way less damaging than what I used to do. Apply pure bleach to my hair and strip it!

ImageDuring the summer, I went from red to purple which just killed my curls and fried my hair so bad. It was the worst hair decision I ever made. I was so upset but with months of coconut oil remedies my curls came back and my hair has gotten stronger and healthier. I did not want to risk ruining it again but I wanted my red back. So, I went looking for this hair dye and I could not find it anywhere in Toronto, but I found another brand that works on the same principle so Amy, thank you for the idea!!!!!

ImageI was really sceptical and did not think this would work at all. Or that I would need to do more than one application to get anywhere close to the colour I want. But it worked !!!! It worked amazing. I got my bright red back! Now, it is not a solid red all the way through, it has darker and lighter strands but I actually prefer it this way because it looks like I have highlights and lowlights.

The colour I used is right here. Dikson Meches Impulse Colour. I have never heard of this before but I did google it and it seems to be known in Europe. They had magenta and flaming red, and I went with flaming red.

ImageI mixed it with 40 volume developer.  Applied it all over and kept it on for 35 mins.  Simple as that! It dried out my hair very little but there is no damage.

I am so happy. I am back to me… bright, red and funky. I have not taken a proper picture to show you guys but I am so excited I wanted to share it with you asap!


16 thoughts on “My hair is back to RED! I am back to MYSELF!

    1. No, THANK YOU!
      I would have done it my way which was to bleach the shit out of it , then do it red . I would have gotten the colour along with the frizz, dead hair, etc lol. So thanks to you I have the healthy and the colour. xoxo

      1. Bahahaha… I’m scared. I only did the underside when it was long, incase anything happened I could just rock the undercut. Now that I have short hair, I want to do the whole thing!


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