Flats I NEED for Spring 2014

ImageEven though spring is not exactly near by, at least not here in Toronto because our winter lasts like 9 months or at least it seems like it, it makes me feel better looking at spring/summery things. I’ve been seeing some really cute flat shoes and I need them all in my life, so I’ve put together my wish list.

1. Michael Kors
Gold, shiny, eye catching = completely describes me. I love these. I can picture myself in them right now. With some skinny jeans, or a pair of jean shorts… ahhh..


2. Guess
Silver and spiked. I am not a big fan of silver, gold is my weakness but these are so sexy. It’s more of a sneaker and I am still obsessed with spikes and studs so this is a must have for me.


3. Aldo
These indigo blue flats are so cute and comfy looking. I love the colour, it just pops out. But the design is so different. They look like they would be very light on your feet.


4. Steve Madden
Steve Madden is known for it’s spikes and studs and funky flats. These are no different.


5. Leopard Print
Not sure what brand these are and it is not important, I just need something leopard printed in my life. And these have spikes on them so what else could I really ask for???


All of these are out in stores now. They are new season so if you like them you will be able to find them! If not in your local stores then online for sure.


20 thoughts on “Flats I NEED for Spring 2014

  1. I’m actually not into flats of any kind but I would give nr.3 a try =) You should move to a warmer place so you can be bright, colorful and not covered in fluffy coats for atleast 6months for year πŸ™‚

    1. Hahahah I agree! I would love to live in Miami. But it’s hard to relocate your entire life 😦 I did it once moving from Croatia to Canada and that was enough for me.
      I am a heel whore lol but with all these cute flats they have out I can’t help it plus when I am running around doing errands, I can’t do it in heels anymore. I am old now Mammu!!!

      1. Hahhahaa yes, I think 32is the appropriate age to stop wearing heels πŸ˜€ I don’t wear as much heels as I used to, but I go for flat boots, sandals, flip-flops. I don’t mind them on others but I feel like they make my feet look big and ugly πŸ˜€
        As for the moving, I’m actually gonna change country in few months and I’m pretty excited. πŸ™‚

      2. Living here in Italy has made me superstitious so I don’t want to risk saying much yet BUT I can give you a hint: we are going to be at the black sea πŸ˜‰


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