Alien by Thierry Mugler -In LOVE with this scent – New perfume review

ImageThis perfume is not new on the market but it’s new for me. I am in love with this scent. Madly. It’s such a grown woman, sexy, sophisticated and mysterious scent. It comes across as powerful yet soothing! How can that even be? When you happen to smell this, you just WANT to and HAVE to know what it is! I treated myself for my birthday to a bottle of this deliciousness (is that a word? lol) and I just want to cuddle with myself all day long!

ImageAnyway, Thierry Mugler has a few fragrances and I believe Angel may be the more known one. I got a small sample of Alien perfume when I purchased a gift for someone else and when I smelled this I was mesmerized. So I just had to go and get it.
I will try my best to describe the smell for you even though it’s difficult .

It is definitely not flowery. What stands out the most is amber with a touch of vanilla and then wood and jasmine.
It’s very warm and sensual.
It is also bold and in your face type of scent but not overbearing, unless you bathe yourself in it. With this perfume, a little goes a long way.
As most of you know, I suffer from chronic migraines and I have a very hard time with finding the right perfume so I opt out for sprays most of the time. This is on the heavier side for sure, there is nothing light about this scent but it’s heavy in a pleasant kind of way, and it does not give me a headache at all! When it sits on your skin a bit, it smells even better, after all the notes settle in.

It’s a very feminine scent that you can wear during the day or at night. It’s so seductive and a definite head turner. I have gotten so many compliments on it. Just smells so comforting yet keeps you on your toes. YUM.


Now, it is pricey. I got the smallest bottle because I wanted to test it out first and see if it’ll end up giving me a migraine and the 30 ml bottle was $96 dollars (Canadian) but it’s so worth it to me. Best part: it is refillable. They had these huge bottles in the stores so the salesperson explained that you can refill this particular perfume when you are done for 60 bucks! Not bad and I will definitely be going back.

I think this just became my signature scent from my Flora by Gucci!

If you are looking for a new perfume, go check this out. You will not regret it!

Nina xo

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