Pretty in pink

ImageI suppose this could be V-day inspired, being pink and all but for a pink anything lover such as myself, I would wear this look for any occasion, where of course I can get away with wearing such bright neon pink lipstick.

ImageI’ve decided to keep my eyes simple for this look and accentuate the lips. I am only really wearing a soft shimmery pearl pink eyeshadow by Hard Candy. It’s a roll on pencil with one side a creamy pink shadow and the other side a white pearly shadow that looks really nice underneath the eyebrows. I completed the look with my usual black liquid eyeliner by Rimmel.

ImageOn my lips I am wearing Candy Yum Yum which I’ve done in a few of my blog posts and it’s a really popular lipstick by MAC that I am sure most of you ladies have heard about by now. I wore it a bit different this time as I outlined my lips with a dark purple pencil and blended it in.


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